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Top 10 Best "A Sister's Story" Books

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Big Sister Now

Annette Sheldon
Karen Maizel


Angel On Board - A look at life from the other side...

E. J. Thornton

A Sister's Story

The Radio Interview

EJ Thornton was going into a very special radio interview in the Denver area with a very popular DJ. It was special because she was going to be allowed in the studio with her, instead of 'phone in' the interview. They were going to take calls from callers with amazing angel stories. EJ had done all the typical things ahead of time, written a press release, e-mailed my mailing list, announced my interview to all my networking clubs and of course, mailed a review copy to the radio station.

When she got there, the DJ apologized up and down. The DJ hadn't finished reading the book, but she had a good reason...

The DJ began to explain that when you're a nighttime DJ, your sleep cycle gets all messed up and it is difficult to find really peaceful sleep, so all sorts of sleep-aids are tried, over the counter medications, prescription medications, meditations, anything... "But," she said, "everytime I picked up your book, I only got a few pages into it and the next thing I knew, it was hours later and I was waking up from the best sleep I'd had in years."

EJ smiled, because it wasn't the first time she'd heard that. But the times she'd heard that before, it was from someone who couldn't sleep because of a traumatic event, then read the book and was able to sleep again. The DJ assured EJ that there wasn't anything like that in her recent past that kept her up, it was just the hours of the job being opposite of everyone else's. "If it'd only happened once," she continued, "I'd've dismissed it to being really tired that first day. But, it happened not once, not twice, not three times, but every time I started to read the book. I finally found something that gives me a peaceful sleep - better than any medicated enhanced sleep I've ever attempted!"

Later that night, on the radio, she told that story and the caller who won one of the complimentary copies of Angel On Board, said she needed to sleep. EJ can only hope it helped, but she's pretty sure it did!


If I Am Missing or Dead

Janine Latus



Sister Souljah


Sisters in War

Christina Asquith



Jane Bernstein


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In Mozart's Shadow

Carolyn Meyer


Sole Sisters

Jennifer Lin
Susan Warner



Ed Greenwood


Not Without My Sister

Kristina Jones
Celeste Jones
Juliana Buhring


A Sister's Story

A caring friend sent the sister of a murder victim the book Angel On Board because she had heard the author speak of the extraordinary relief from grief its readers had experienced. She wanted to help, but she wasn't sure how she could until she heard about this special book about one man's death, entrance into heaven and new life as an angel who is able to help his loved ones through the transition of his sudden death. After reading Angel On Board, the sister found comfort and ordered twenty more copies saying, "Everyone in my family needs this!"

EJ Thornton, the author of Angel On Board was very touched by this letter but also says she gets letters like that quite frequently. The book was never intended as a grief ministry but many of its readers have received it that way telling her the book helped them overcome many types of grief issues from survivor's guilt to denial. "Somehow the angels in the story reach through the pages and touch the reader making them both laugh and cry until they feel better," Thornton says in her lectures.


The Story Sisters

Alice Hoffman

A Sister's Story

Sister Wendy's Story of Painting (Enhanced and Expanded Edition) (0635517068054)

Wendy Beckett
Sister Wendy Beckett


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